Are you ready for a storm?

There is a good chance that Seattle and its surrounding area will get hit with a massive windstorm this weekend, the kind we have not seen »

On Listening

How do you listen to people when the noise and fanfare of your success begins to complicate your ability to form meaningful and authentic relationships with »

Are you making a difference?

Whether at school, at work, or in personal life, there is always more work to be done, but how do you choose what to work on »

The world without apps

Can you image the world without a web browser? I cannot, not anymore. A good half of my life has been spent in front of one, »

Delete all tweets with Ruby

I've been on Twitter since 2008 (@kirillzubovsky) and have since accumulated about 15.4K tweets, until yesterday that is. Wondering what the internet does with its »

How to downcase Mongoid tags

Turns out mongoid_taggable doesn't have an option to downcase all the tags, which leads to multiple versions of the same tag. Had to fix it »

The best city to start a company

Nowhere on Earth are there so many investors, companies, money and hustle per square foot as there are in the Silicon Valley. But does it mean »

Make My Logo Bigger

While working on, I noticed that in cases when clients and designers get upset at each other, often that is a direct result of »

Clipper, the Caltrain enemy

If you live in the Bay area and often commute to San Francisco, Caltrain is probably your best friend, but the friend has a powerful enemy, »

The best time to start is now is a Canadian non-profit student-run organization focused on encouraging entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. As an alumni, I had a pleasure of sharing a few »