Inbox Zero Secret For Zero Dollars

I’ve been using this neat trick for months and it works great, 100% all the time with virtually no work on my end. No subscription needed, it’s absolutely free.

Whenever you feel like email is getting you down, too many unread messages and no time to respond, and you’re feeling frustrated and angry by the inevitable, follow these steps: Select All Email > Archive All. Never look back.

“Sure, smart ass. What about all the important stuff?!” — you may say, and you may be right, but what about all the important stuff that YOU want to do? Email is how other people steal your time, why give in? What about you and everything you want?

Try this at home for a few weeks, and see if you notice a difference.

Most of the time you will maintain your email addiction and get through the day, but for those days when it’s too hard, this is the way out.