I turned 30 yesterday, and on some abstract scale of life it’s supposed to be a BIG number, I am told. To me, what matters isn’t the absolute number, but the value which can be packed into the days remaining. If I am doing good by me and my family, that’s all right.

To be honest though, the last few years I have not been as driven as I used to be and that’s the #1 thing I want to fix going forward. With that in mind, I’ve spent the last few months exploring new ideas, looking for the one that will make me get out of bed every day, not for the money but for the purpose. I literally just found the one.

I want to work on a product that actually matters to me. It may never have the words AI in it, or BIG data. It may never be venture-funded or be used by a billion people a day, but it is something that I certainly wanted today, and yesterday, and for the last two years, on daily basis. It seems others want it as well. It’s a big market that hasn’t been dominated too.

Update: It's taken a little while to launch with all the other commitments, but Waddle.Photos is now live. Check out it.