The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Almost 9 years ago I was interning at TELUS in Vancouver. The pay was peanuts and the job was average, but the people were good and the mountains were stunning. Being a scrappy student I would wake up, walk to a ferry, take a train, and 45 minutes later be in the office. In one year, I wasted 400 hours commuting, and it was nobody’s fault but my own.

Public transit was what poor students did in the morning to get to work, and yet, If I bought the cheapest car, put it on credit card, sell the car at the end of the internship, I would’ve cut my commute by 75%. I could’ve given myself almost 300 hours hours back. Instead, I embraced the lie and made my commute comfortable.

This experience taught me one very important lesson — time is not given, it is found. There is never going to be more hours in a 24 hour day, but you can make more, just look for it. Opportunities are everywhere: commute, TV, games, cooking, socializing, activities…etc. We all have things that we love doing, and thing that we are used to be doing. Prioritizing what you love is how you create time.

My 2c.