The real cost of not taking on VC money

"Don't take VC. Get a job, get paid, work on your company part time, and you will have full ownership!" - I've heard this sentiment many times, and although at first it sounds like a reasonable idea, it still makes a lot more sense to take VC money, in my view. Let's break it down.

When you take on a job, you get paid. That means you can buy food and pay rent. Awesome! But you also get paid when you take on VC. Perhaps until you get an A round you can't /shouldn't pay yourself as much as you would get on the market, but you still get paid.

When you take on a job, you get all this "free time" on nights and weekends to work on your company. Great! But the majority of you time actually does not belong to you, and it belongs to your employer, and your only goal for that time is to advance the company that employs you. So although it seems like you have a lot of "free time" to do what you want, in reality most of your time isn't even yours. With VC however, your only job is to advance your own company, every hour of the day that you're working.

And lastly, when you have a full-time job, you are a 100% owner of your company. VC have none of it, and you can do what you please. Also sounds dandy, but now you spend less time working on your company, significantly lowering its chances of becoming successful. If you are not working on it all the time, then how long till somebody else does this thing faster and better than you, how long till you find something else to distract you and your idea never sees the light of day? Although yes, you would own 100% of your company, owning 100% of nothing is still worth nothing :) On the other hand, with VC owning part of your company, you will have a little less, but you will also increase your chances to create more of what you have, with the extra time and money.

Have a pay check, keep focused on your own company, and accelarate its growth are not only a few reasons to take on funding. The right VCs can help you with introductions, help you think though ideas, enlarge your network, help hire and so forth.

At the end of the day, taking on VC is a personal decision. Extra money could boost your company, or it could make you work for years, leaving you with nothing at the end. The choice is yours!

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