This is unfair!

Once upon in high school, a student came to a teacher saying that his grade was unfair. He worked hard, did everything just like his friend did it, but while his friend got an “A”, this boy got a “B”.

What is fair? — the teacher asked.

Clearly, to the student fair meant equal. He should have gotten the same grade for the same work, which was not the case. The teacher then explained to him.

You see, your friend is struggling in his studies. I gave him an “A” to encourage him to continue working hard and to overcome his fear of learning. I gave you a “B” to encourage you to do better because I know you can. That’s the only way you will grow beyond where you are today.

This simple lesson was one of the most valuable lessons from my entire high-school, so much so that I remember it to this day.

Fair does not mean equal. Fair is giving everyone the opportunity to succeed.