Chat GPT, can you get me into Stanford?

Thu Mar 16 2023 - by Kirill Zubovsky

Responding to my wife's worries that our kids need to write better, I asked Chat GPT-4 to write me an eassy that will get me into Stanford. Here is what we got.

Prompt: "Hi Chat, can you write me an essay that will get me into Stanford?" Model: "GPT-4"

Title: Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Journey of an Aspiring Innovator

Introduction: Visionary Thinking and a Thirst for Knowledge

Ever since I can remember, thinking big and dreaming endlessly have been intrinsic aspects of my persona. I am always eager to learn, innovate, and contribute to making the world a better place. Stanford University, with its rich history of cultivating innovators, presents the ideal environment to foster my aspirations. My intellectual curiosity, passion for technology, unwavering determination, community-driven mindset, and diverse background make me uniquely suited for contributing to and thriving in such an environment. Through this essay, I aim to demonstrate that gaining admission to Stanford is not merely about attending a prestigious university, but about advancing my dreams and establishing life-long academic and professional connections.

A Student in front of the Stanford Campus, image by Lexica.Art


  1. Intellectual curiosity and innovative thinking

In my formative years, I found my calling in computer science and engineering after being captivated by the infinite solutions technology presents in addressing global challenges. After teaching myself coding languages, I developed applications that assisted the visually impaired and helped streamline the work of local businesses. Through these experiences, I honed my innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, resulting in an unwavering determination to contribute meaningfully to the world around me.

  1. Overcoming personal challenges and building resilience

Growing up in a household that battled financial instability, I experienced firsthand how economic challenges hinder one's opportunities to pursue higher education. Nevertheless, I remained undeterred and relentlessly pursued my passion for learning. Supported by a strong family foundation and a growth mindset, I have overcome obstacles and achieved academic excellence. I firmly believe that Stanford's nurturing atmosphere will amplify my resilience and drive to succeed.

  1. Diverse background and worldly perspective

Hailing from a multicultural background, I understand the power of diversity in fostering innovation and personal growth. My experiences living abroad have broadened my perspectives and enabled me to adapt to and flourish in different environments. I am confident that at Stanford, I will contribute my unique viewpoint and simultaneously benefit from the enriching experiences of my peers.

  1. Passion for community and social causes

I also believe in giving back to society and, consequently, have actively participated in community service projects, such as volunteering at food banks and tutoring underprivileged students. Stanford's commitment to community service and social impact resonates deeply with my personal values. This further solidifies my conviction that Stanford is the perfect incubator for my ongoing initiatives and future endeavors.

Conclusion: A Transformative Experience Awaits

Attending Stanford University would be a transformative experience that elevates my intellectual and personal development, enabling me to become a true change-maker in society. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and an unwavering determination to effect positive change, I am poised to embrace the challenge and privilege of joining the Stanford family. By honing my skills and gaining invaluable insights from the brightest minds, I will walk the path of innovation and continue to manifest the dreams that once seemed unattainable. Together, we will defy the odds and transform my dreams into an inspiring reality.

ps. In for a penny, in for a pound. This is a blog post, and I needed a photo, so I said: "Hi Chat, the following is an essay which I wrote for my Stanford application. Could you suggest a good photo to go along with it? " Chat responded:

"For this essay, I suggest a photo of a student standing on the Stanford University campus, looking out into the distance with determination and optimism. The student could be holding a laptop or another piece of technology, symbolizing their passion for computer science and engineering. The background could feature iconic Stanford buildings or scenery to emphasize the connection between the student's dreams and the university environment. This image would represent the theme of transforming dreams into reality and the journey of an aspiring innovator at Stanford."

Well then, so it shall be! I went to DALL-E and gave it the above assignment. The resulting image is not amazing, as DALL-E 2 isn't yet optimized to create Midjourney like crisp details, but for a blog post it will do.

Stanford, on the other hand, I was not sure, so I used Lexica.Art to get the details, and the details it got! You see the Lexica-generated image at the top of this post.

Well, fellow humans, what can I say, enjoy it while it lasts! :)