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Think for yourself

Asking questions is a life skill that can be learned and improved at any point in life, whether you are 5 or 55 years old. Very often, starting as early as in preschool, we are taught to ask questions wrong! How so, and what is the better way to ask questions then?

Information is free, it is abundant, anyone can publish without much thought, and it is being disseminated with incredible speed. Assume you do not know, look for answers, do not stop until there are no more questions.

Schools should be encouraging creativity, nurturing it, giving it all the opportunities to explode. Instead, schools peg students into groups. "Smart" kids, those with high marks, willing to follow the process, play by the rules, learn at the pace set of them by the norms, those kids are praised and rewarded. Meanwhile, the kids who want more are labeled and set aside. Are you one of those kids? What can you do?